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If we wish to achieve a harmonious multiculture, we need to have the realization and understanding that we are all one, then all of our problems will be solved. As ordinary beings, we do not yet have this understanding thus our every thought, word and action is only for ourselves, our family and our group. Our selfishness has resulted in our harming others to benefit ourselves. This way of thinking has led to quarrels among people, feuds among families, wars among countries. It is the basic cause of natural and human-made disasters. If we observe this world calmly, we might well wonder what is the cause of these increasing disasters? It is our increasing selfishness. As the Buddha told us, all disasters; all consequences come from our ignorance, our false beliefs and wrong views. If we think of a tree as representing the universe and look at its leaves individually, as ourselves, they appear to be separate but in reality they are part of the whole. Our thinking of ourselves as being separate creates confrontations.

Message of Peace (PDF)

Let Us Pray Together for World Peace

Speech Given by Venerable Master Chin Kung ---The World Conference on Religion and Peace :
.... "How to Create a Fulfilling and Prosperous Multicultural World"